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Vehicle fittings
Aménagement du véhicule



Those general conditions of sale prevail upon all other buyer conditions, without exception or reserve, including buyer's general or specific conditions of sale. Those conditions apply to all our sales and deliveries, except strict written exemption.


Every order will be attested by an acknowledgment of receipt. Potential observations or modifications must be done without delay by the buyer.

The buyer must respect the defined packaging units. On the opposite case, SORI keeps back the possibility to modify the quantity in accordance with the packaging units.

For any order cancellation, SORI must agree first.

If the order is about a specific fabrication, the cancellation won't be accepted.


Our bills are payable according to the French law "Loi de Modernisation de l'Economie" (modernisation of the Economy law) N° 2008-776 adopted on August, 4th 2008.

We must get back the accepted effects within the 48 hours following the bill reception.

Discount rate for anticipated payment : 0.25% per month.


In the case of no respect to the payment delay written on the bill, penalties will be demanded, which amount will correspond to at least 3 times the legal interest ration applied to the amount due (Art. 3-1- Law 92-1442). As from the 1rst of January 2013, the amount of fixed compensation for recovery cost is at 40 euros, in accordance with the decree N°2012-1115 adopted on the 2nd of october 2012, official Journal of the 04/10/12.


Every order of standard products, recorded with usual conditions of sale, reaching 450 € net duty-free is dispatched carriage free within France, in only one place of delivery. The minimum order must reach 100€ net duty-free. Any order lower than this amount cannot be handled.

For orders of products that need a specific fabrication, the transport conditions are specified during the price remittance.

Clients must totally assume EXPRESS dispatch costs.

The items, even send by free alongside ship, are transported without insurance and at buyer's risks. The items'check, even if the wrap seems intact, must be done in the presence of the driver. The mention "subjected to unpacking" has not any legal value.

In case of damage, specific reservation must be written on the carrier receipt and confirmed by a registrered letter whithin 48 hours.

A file copy has to be sent to SORI for information and dispute monitoring. If not, ,not any claim will be taken into account.

Deliveries are carried out by articulated lorries. Every particular request (hatchback lorry, small carrier...) will be subjected to an extra cost determined individually, even if the order total amount reaches the free alongside ship minimum cost.


Not any return will be accepted without our previous agreement. in case of agreement, items must be sent back in perfect condition with their original wrap by freepost. Every return in due postage will be refused.

Only the items present on the current catalogue can be subjected to an agreement.

A potential credit note will be made from the purchase cost upon presentation of the bill, cut by 15% considering the expenses for putting back in stock.


Our products are guaranteed against any fabrication flaw. This guarantee is limited to the entire or flawed item replacement, except any damages for any reason.


According to the law N° 80.335 adopted on May 1st 1980, we retain the entire property of the goods sold until integral payment.


Every dispute will be brought before the Tribunal of Commerce in Grenoble (Isère), only one relevant.

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Order Min. : 100,00 € NET H.T.

FRANCE METROLPOLITAIN as from 450,00 € NET H.T. by delivery site.

As from 01/01/2013, the amount of the fixed allowance for collection charges is fixed to 40€.