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SORI's partners : a high value

Outilex for more than 20 years, gather together some Frenche SMB, tools and equipment manufacturers. Thes enterprises with know-how put in common their expertise field in order to take on efficiently external markets. They are driven by high values in quality and conviviality.

Outilex is 26 societies, 40 production sites, 1600 people, 350 million euros of turnover and 2000 distributors worldwide.

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L'Union des Entreprises et des Industries de la Région Voironnaise (UNIRV) (Union of Enterprises and Industries in the Region of Voiron, urban area in which SORI takes part), This association aims to create and develop a moral, professional and inter-professional solidarity between all the employers based on the urban area of Voiron and to promote every action right to ensure the economic and social development of the area. (Extract of the article 2 of its status)

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Les Industriels du Sud Grésivaudan (AISG) (The manufacturers of the Sud Gresivaudan, area in the South of the department Isère) : founded in 1991 to contribute, in complete independence, to the Sud Grésivaudan economic development. This association under the law of 1901 get richer by the exchange and the sharing of experiences, ideas and means of managers in the territory.

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Henri Pescaloro : Henri Pescarolo: he is a Frenche raing driver, who became a team boss and manager creating is own team, Pescarolo Sport, at the beginning of 2000. Complete driver, he is mostly know to this record of participation to the 24 Heures du Mans (24 Hours of Le Mans), 33 times, and his 4 successes on the famous circuit of the Sarthe.

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Le Wi.D.E Greenland Project

SORI as a partner/sponsor of the Wi.D.E Greenland Project.

Wilderness Diving Exploration Greenland, nom de code Wi.D.E, is a draing, human, sporting and unprecedented challenge of two adventurers, Alban Michon and Vincent Berthet, to the discovery of the East Greenland ice field, visible and hidden part.

Partnership : SORI decided to support this expedition because it corresponds to the values that found the dynamics of our society : humain beings, environmental and technical protection. SORI, beyound its support, contributes to the project logistics furnishing trunk and other carrying cases.