Vehicle fittings
Equipements du véhicule

Subcontractor in fine Metalwork

SORI, French designer and manufacturer, uses all the means at the leading edge of industry and technology, to guarantee the best quality to its clients and in this way, has a work tool which is both flexible and gives a high level in productivity.

A sheet metal workshop at the leading edge of technology :

  • a tamping centre
  • an automatic shear
  • an automatic folding centre
  • a NC punching machine large size
  • a numerical control press brake new generation
  • weld work stations semi automatic TIG and MIG
  • a park of numerical control welding machines by point
  • a rolling device
  • NC shear
  • tube bending
  • a band saw semi automatic for large products
  • Knowledge of decontamination painting application for the nuclear industry, anti-infrared for the army, anti-graffiti solutions...
  • Chain for surface treatment and painting on conveyor with 3 cubicles for the application
  • Assembly post
  • Workshop of integrated silkscreen painting

The SORI Research Department, study of graphic feasibility:

  • Every study and/or development is realised in close collaboration with you to design a specific product corresponding to your specifications and expectations.
  • Your pilot studies are examined in 3D which allows a virtual first approach (preview of the project by realistic photos, really close to the final rendering).

You have a specific demand or you look for a specific product ? Our Research Department is at your disposal.

While respecting your specifications, our Department would know how to maximise the design and the realisation of your products.

Our production technicians' agility, the flexibility and performance of our production tool allow us to let you benefit of an excellent quality-price ratio, including for very small series.

Do not hesitate to consult us, we would be able to give you the expected solutions.